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Welcome to Blockhub DAO - a powerhouse of 60+ chosen chads, primed to stir up another storm in the next cycle! We aren't just your average VC DAO, we're an eclectic mix of Web 3.0 investment gurus, meme magicians, and masterful trolls

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Our investment thesis

  • Ponzi

    If it's not a ponzi, how are we supposed to make money, right?
  • HODL Forever

    It's not about ethics; we just can't figure out our multisig.
  • Buzzwords Bonanza

    Web 3.0, NFT, Dogecoins, Play 2 Earn, Metaverse – the more you use, the more likely we'll invest.
  • Anime Girls

    Our members dig 'em. So, sprinkle some in your project and pitch deck to pique our interest.
  • elkmar.eth

    Just sharing it in case you want me to read your pitch deck a little bit quicker
  • Memes Galore

    A project isn't complete without a healthy dose of memes. Show us your dankest, and we'll be all ears.


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